Center for Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization

The Center for Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization (CAFIO) is a Web-based center dedicated to impartial economic analysis of the structure, conduct, and performance of the agricultural and food industry.

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Its global mission is to bring together scholars from around the world who share an interest in the analysis of horizontal and vertical relationships within the food supply chain and their implications for competition and welfare. Its local mission is to conduct and disseminate timely economic analysis of agricultural and food industrial issues of critical importance to farmers and ranchers in Nebraska, train students and other professionals in agricultural and food industrial organization, and serve as a point of contact between research faculty and the public at large.

CAFIO-PRG Symposium

October 22 | 1:30-4:00 | East Campus Union

  • 1:30-2:30 Jayson Lusk, Regents Professor and Willard Sparks Endowed Chair, Oklahoma State University "What is the Real Consumer Cost of Mandating Animal Welfare? An Ex Post Analysis of the Effect of California's Proposition 2"
  • 2:30-3:15 Ian Sheldon, Andersons Professor of International Trade, Ohio State University "Quality Upgrading, Trade, and Market Structure in Food Processing Industries"
  • 3:15-4:00 Julian Alston, Distinguished Professor, University of California-Davis, "The Rise and Fall of U.S. Farm Productivity Growth, 1910-2007"